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Welcome to Digital Six Laboratories LLC

Digital Six Labs is a fast growing supplier of state-of-the-art wireless IoT solutions and components for consumer, commercial and industrial markets. We design and build our products at our factory in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and are proud to say our products are American Made. In addition to our standard line of Whisker.IO™ related products, we offer consulting, custom design, and turn-key design and production of custom products.

Our solution platform, Whisker.IO, incorporates the LoRa™ wireless technology from Semtech, giving our wireless sensors, gateways, and modules range and battery life performance that cannot be matched by other technologies. Whisker.IO leverages LoRa™ to build a comprehensive IoT solution that is scalable, flexible, and cost effective.

The Whisker.IO Engine™ is a small pre-certified module that can be added to any OEM product you want to connect to the IoT.

SensorBlocks™ are battery powered sensors that can monitor a wide range of environmental and process parameters; they come in commercial and industrial variants, with the latter being IP68 compliant and suitable for outdoor use.

Our Whisker.IO Gateways are self-contained IoT gateway/servers that can manage thousands of sensors without the need for a cloud server; using MQTT, the gateways communicate directly with our desktop and mobile applications (which are free), allowing you to visualize and analyze your data anywhere in the world. Our gateways come with several different REST and MQTT clients, allowing them to forward your data to multiple cloud services platforms including: 2Lemetry, BugLabs, Exosite, ThingSpeak, and Konekt Cloud.

We sell our products directly to customers via our on-line store and through partner channels. Our partner program is suitable for integrators, developers, and value added resellers; we can white-label our products and software applications and integrate them with existing software applications, to create turn-key branded solutions for any vertical market.

If you have any questions about our company, our products, or our services, please Contact us.

Steve Montgomery Founder & CEO

Steve is a serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years’ experience designing, producing, and marketing technology products in a wide array of commercial and industrial applications. Throughout his career, Steve has been directly responsible for nearly every aspect of product design and manufacturing including mechanical, electrical, software, and web with a special focus on products that use embedded wireless communications. As Director of Engineering with Linx Technologies, Steve developed a line of embedded wireless products used in a wide range of applications including robotics, water meter reading, telematics, and much more. In 2001, Steve founded Radiotronix and went on to develop and manufacture the world’s first GPS tracking system for non-violent offenders released on parole, a wireless audio system used to ensure safety of police officers, smart water meter reading systems, and more. Although Radiotronix started in a spare bedroom with no real assets, Steve worked hard as CEO to build the company into a market leader with in-house production capability, national sales and distribution networks, and high visibility industry partnerships. As the Internet became a pervasive component of distributed computing solutions, Steve began developing Internet based wireless monitoring and control solutions for fixed network smart metering, oil and gas well monitoring, security, etc, gaining experience in client/server and web application development. Today, he is applying his hard won experience and expertise to design and produce a highly flexible, long-range, battery powered wireless solution that can be used in any number of vertical applications.