Smart Alerts

The® IoT solution provides instant notification of problems via email/text without the annoying false alarms. Alerts can be scheduled, snoozed, and we have a documentation system to help with compliance.

Smart alerts for enterprise IoT applications
Smart alerts on mobile device

Manage By Exception® smart alerts allow you to manage by exception by notifying you by text or email when problems arises. Whether you need to protect refrigerated inventory again temperature excursion, chemical tanks against running empty, or sewage systems from overflowing, you can setup a® smart alert in minutes to do the job.

A Variety of Alert Types® has an alert type for almost every application. Threshold alerts are perfect for things like temperature monitoring when you just need to know whether a temperature has exceeded a threshold for a specific amount of time. Rate of Change are used when you need to know if a monitored value changes by more than a set amount within a specific period of time. Inactivity alerts let you know if there is a problem with the monitoring equipment itself. Target Deviation alerts are great for applications like chemical injection or oil and gas when you need to know if the consumption or production has varied from a target setpoint by more than a specific percentage.

  • Treshold
  • Rate of Change
  • Target Deviation
  • Inactivity

Alert Escalation

Stack alerts with varying time parameters to escalate notifications up the chain of command. For example, in a food safety application, you might set a threshold alert to notify your store manager when the temperature of refrigerated food exceeds 40°F for more than 90 minutes so they have time to address the issue before the food is unsafe. Create a second alert that notifies your operations manager if the temperature is above 40°F for more than 4 hours. In this way, the operations manager will get a notification if the store manager doesn't address the original alert withing 4 hours.

Alert Snoozing

Just like your alarm clock, you can snooze alerts on a one-time or repetive basis. If your equipment is going out of service for maintenance, create a one-time snooze for 3 days so you do not receive notifications while the equipment is off-line. If you have equipment you only use part of the time, create a scheduled snooze for when the equipment is not being used so notifications are not sent in those time periods.

Tank level monitoring made in the USA.

Proudly Built and Supported in the USA

The™ Direct2Cloud IoT Gateway, Whisker.Block®, Smart.Hub™, and® cloud app are designed & built by our team of engineers and technicians in the heartland of the USA. We do not outsource any aspect of our technology platform and when you need support, you can talk directly to our engineering team for help. If you have an idea that could improve our products or application, let us know - most of the great features we have today started as suggestions brough to us by customers.