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Improved compliance through continuous monitoring

Hand Wash Monitoring

Smart.Soap™ hand wash sensors monitor hand wash activity and report observed activity to the cloud. Continuous monitoring modifies employee behavior; employees will always comply with mundane practices like hand washing better when they know they are being monitored. We offer a variety of drop-in kits for the most common dispenser types and our Univeral Smart.Soap™ sensor is externally mounted and works with almost any dispenser including electric and foam can dispensers. They are easy to install and require no configuration.

Safer Day One

Our hand wash monitoring technology has a proven track record for improving hand wash activity and compliance from the day it is installed. This case study shows an example of the profound impact that our solution can have on employees and the benefit it provides to operators.


Smart.Soap™ Hand Wash Monitoring Features

Enterprise Grade Tools

HTML5 compliant portal provides visualization, analytics, and reporting tool on any computer or mobile device. Manage your devices from anywhere.

Sample Every 5 Minutes

Accurate, to the minute tracking of handwash activity drives increased activity and improved compliance.

Installs in Minutes

Truly a Peel-And-Stick solution. Works with any soap dispenser: does not interfere with existing suppliers and contracts.

Online Reporting

Hand wash activity data is stored in the cloud. Whisker.io™ portal allows remote monitoring of hand wash activity at all locations.

Absolutely Reliable

Proprietary Wireless Technology: Exceptional range (>1mi outdoor LOS) and long battery life (>10 yrs) make this a Fire and Forget solution.

Fully Integrated

Our sensors are fully integrated with the entire Restaurant IoT™ product eco system including Whisker.io® and FoodSafe.io™.

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