INTRODUCING® For HVAC Applications

24/7 Remote Monitoring of Temperature, Compressors, Air Handlers and More

Layouts Typical Application Compressor Monitoring

In this example, a Whisker.Block™ is used to monitor compressor current and the inlet and outlet temperatures. Readings are taken every 5 minutes and stored in the™ cloud. Current and historical data can be viewed from anywhere using any computer, tablet or mobile device.

Ambient Temperature


Our basic temperature Whisker.Block™ sensor has a wide measurement range (-40 to +85°C) and excellent accuracy (+/- 0.5°C), making it perfect for ambient temperature measurement in any space. It takes readings every 5 minutes and forwards them to the cloud using our proprietary wireless communication technology designed for long range and high reliability. Temperature data can be monitored remotely on any computer, tablet or smart phone and user-defined alerts can be configured to send emails and text messages.

Multiple Compressors


For units with multiple compressors, one Whisker.Block™ can be used to monitor each compressor as shown in the typical application above. However, if you only need to monitor current on each compressor, a single Whisker.Block™ (WB1-9-00-C2C2C2NN-0000-LR) can be used to save cost. This device comes with three (3) 25A current transformer inputs (C.T. included). Other current ranges are available: C1 = 10A, C2=25A, C3=50A, and C4 = 100A.

Air Handler


A single Whisker.Block™ (WB1-9-00-TRTRNNNN-0000-LR) can be used to monitor supply and return air temperature in any air handler. This block comes with two 8" temperature probes (w/mounting flanges) designed specifically for HVAC applications. For larger roof top units, the probes can be mounted directly in the air handler unit. For smaller (i.e. residential) units, they can be mounted in the supply and return ducting.® is Everything you need in an IIoT solution.

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Comprehensive Easy-to-Use Powerful IoT Cloud Portal.

The™ IoT portal provides configuration, visualization, alerting, and analytic tools for any IIoT application!
Works on any computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone with a modern web browser.

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Mobile First
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Powerful Analytics & Reporting
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Simple Configuration



You Customize Order

Select and purchase the devices you need from our On-line store. We offer a variety of application specific starter kits so you can get started quickly. If you need any help to determine which products you need, give us a call at 1-844-365-8647 or send an email to


Create Your Account and First Location*

Visit and create a new account. Once your account is created, login and create a new location. The process is very intuitive, but if you need help you can find guidance in our self-learning portal, or you can give us a call.

* - A™ portal subscription is required to have mobile access to sensor data and alerts. You are not required to purchase a subscription just to purchase our hardware; many customers use our products with ModbusTCP or Ignition and do not require the™ portal.


Your Order is Shipped within 48 hours*

Generally, your order will be assembled and shipped within 48 hours. To make things convenient, we package your order in a self-install kit that simplifies installation.

*-It may take longer than 48 hours to ship your order depending on available stock and shipping availability.


Configure Sensors and Gateway

For most applications, no configuration is required. However, if you want to use Modbus or Ignition or if you need to setup a unique network on a specific channel, you can use the WhiskerConfigurator app to configure the devices. The process is easy to learn, but if you need help, you can visit our self-learning portal or give us a call.


Install and Provision Sensors and Gateway

The sensors require no pairing and generally require no configuration, so installation is as simple as mounting the sensor and attaching any external sensor cables. The Smart.Hub™ gateway is just as easy to install. If you plan to use these devices with our™ portal, you will need to provision your new devices in the portal.

Self-Install Kit