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Flexible IIoT Solutions

MQTT, Modbus RTU/TCP, Ignition|SparkPlugB


Layouts Typical Application Battery Powered, Wireless Monitoring of VFD and Tank Battery (>2miles)

In this example, Whisker.Block™ wireless sensors are monitoring a tank battery (4-20mA input) and a Variable Frequency Drive (via Modbus RTU). The data is communicated to a PLC via Modbus TCP, allowing the PLC to use the data for logic and HMI displays, and to the™ cloud platform for remote monitoring. It also demonstrates how data from our sensors can be forwarded to an Ignition server (via SparkPlugB) if required.

Whisker.Block® Sensors


Whisker.Blocks® are long-range (>2mi outdoors LOS) IoT sensors that come in a variety of configurations (I/O, power, and antenna). They collect readings from a variety of sensor inputs (4-20mA, 0-5V, Digital, Modbus RTU) and forward them to a Smart.Hub™ using our proprietary, LoRa based wireless communications technology. These devices are extremely easy to configure and install and are extremely reliable once installed. And, because they come with so many I/O and power configurations, they can be used for just about any application you can imagine.


Whisker.Block Features

Long Range & Battery Life

Our prorietary wireless communication technology (based on LoRa) is optimized for long range (2+miles) and battery life (1+ years).

Impressive Sample Rates

Whisker.Blocks® can sample all channels (up to 6) as often as every 5 minutes (battery power) or every 10 seconds (line power).

Multiple Power Options

Whisker.Blocks® can be powered from an internal LiThCl- battery (10+years) or an external 8-24V DC power supply.

Multiple Mounting Options

Whisker.Blocks™ can be mounted to panels, walls, and poles (with optional pole mounting kit).

Capable I/O

Standard Whisker.Blocks® can be configured with 4 external channels (4-20mA,
0-5V, A/C Current, Thermistor, Dry Contact)

Flexible Digital Inputs

Digital inputs have been designed to support multiple applications and can be configured for on/off, counter, and missing pulse.

Modbus RTU

The Modbus RTU Whisker.Block® can read up to 16 words (coils, discrete inputs, holding and input registers) from any device on a RS485 network.

Easy Configuration

Our WhiskerConfigurator app is easy to learn and simple to use and can be used to configure any of our Whisker.Block® or Smart.Hub™ devices.

Built-in Sensor Power

Battery powered devices can provide power (5V/24V 30mA) for external analog sensors like pressure transducers, ultrasonic level sensors, etc.

Rugged and Durable

Whisker.Blocks® can operate over a wide temperature range (-20 to +85°C) and are mounted in a polycarbonate IP-67 rated enclosure.

Sensor Probes

Preconfigured Sensor Probes

We offer a variety of preconfigured sensor probes that can be attached directly to a Whisker.Block™. Available sensors include temperature, ultrasonic level, leak detection, A/C current pressure transducer, CO2, accelerometer, and more.

Performance on Laptop

Industrial Smart.Hub™

The Smart.Hub™ is an industrial grade IIoT gateway that can be configured with a variety of power and communication options. It communicates with Whisker.Block® sensors using our proprietary wireless communication technology and forwards sensor data to servers, PLCs, HMIs, and our® IoT portal using a variety of protocols.


Multiple Industrial Protocols

The Industrial Smart.Hub™ is a true IIoT gateway with flexible communication options. It is designed to communicate with our cloud platform, 3rd party servers, and Industrial Automation equipment including PLCs, HMIs and any other device that supports Modbus TCP. Supported protocols include:

  1. Modbus TCP
  2. Ignition | SparkPlugB
  3. MQTT

Pro Smart.Hub™

The Pro Smart.Hub™ is perfect for indoor applications where cost is a primary concern. It is simple to install and works with all™ products (Smart.Soap™, Whisker.Block® and Whisker.Engine™). The pro hub is powered by a 5V wall transformer and communicates with the cloud using Ethernet or an optional 4G connection.


Smart.Hub™ Features

Linux Power

At the heart of every Smart.Hub™ is a quad-core, Linux single board computer with plenty of processing power to handle every IoT application.

Multiple Power Options

Smart.Hubs™ can be configured for multiple power options including 8-32VDC, 110/220VAC, or Power over Ethernet.

Multiple Communications Options

Every Smart.Hub™ is equipped with an Ethernet (RJ45) port that can be used for Internet and Modbus TCP communications. 4G cellular is optional.

Modbus TCP

Sensor data is mapped to holding registers and available via Modbus TCP for PLCs, HMIs and other Industrial Automation devices.


All sensor data can be packaged as JSON and forwarded to any private or cloud based MQTT server.

Ignition | SparkPlugB

Sensor data can be mapped to Igntion devices and forwarded using the SparkPlugB protocol. All parameters are fully configurable.


All data is buffered on the Smart.Hub™ when the Internet connection is lost, ensuring that no data is lost, even through power failures.

Rugged and Durable

Smart.Hubs™ can operate over a wide temperature range (-20 to +85°C) and are mounted in a polycarbonate IP-67 rated enclosure.® IoT Starter Kit


To make things easy, we have created the IoT starter kit to get you up and running immediately. It includes:

  1. Qty 1. Industrial Smart.Hub™ (Ethernet/4G)
  2. Qty 1. Whisker.Block™ with one digital and two 4-20mA analog inputs
  3. Qty 1. Whisker.Block™ with 50A current transformer (probe included)
  4. Qty 1. Modbus RTU Whisker.Block™
  5. All needed cables and accessories
  6. Download Datasheet

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