INTRODUCING® For Water Works Applications

Complete monitoring solution for water towers, wells, and sewage lift stations.

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In this example, Whisker.Block™ wireless sensors are monitoring water wells (pump run/pump start), water tower level, and one or more sewage lift stations. The wells use our event tracking feature to monitor pump run and pump start signals, reporting changes as time stamped events. The sewage lift station uses multiple channels to monitor float switches, pump run, pump fail, and pump current. All data is stored in the® portal allowing water works employees to receive text alerts when there are problems and access the sensor data from their mobile devices.

Well Monitoring


The WB1-9-xx-DCDCA4A4-0000-XR Whisker.Block® is perfect for remote well monitoring. The two dry contact inputs are used with extra contacts on the Pump Start and Pump Run relays to monitor both signals. One analog input is used with the pump fault output (through a series resistor) to monitor whether the pump has faulted. The other analog input is used with a current transformer to monitor pump current. The Whisker.Block® samples all of these signals as often as every 10 seconds (with external DC power) or 5 minutes (with battery power). In addition, it can be configured to transmit when the digital inputs change to track pump start and pump run events.

Sewage Lift Monitoring

WIDE VARIETY OF CONFIGURATIONS® provides a low-cost solution for real-time, remote monitoring of sewage lift stations. Whisker.Blocks® monitor float swithes, pump run/fault status, pump current, and sewage level (optional) and forward that data to the® portal, where it is stored and analyzed. If a failure occurs (such as a potential overflow or pump failure), text messages and emails are immediately sent to water works employees, allowing them to address the issue before it turns into a serious problem. Contact us today to learn more.

Modbus RTU


Our Modbus RTU Whisker.Block® can read up to 16 words from any device on an RS-485 network. Each of the 16 "slots" is configured to read 1 word from input or holding registers or 16 bits from coils or discrete input registers. Every sample period, the block will cycle through each slot, reading data from the specified device and register. This data is then forwarded to the Smart.Hub™. The Smart.Hub™ then sends the data to cloud servers using MQTT, Ignition servers using SparkPlugB, and it is mapped to Modbus holding registers for use by PLCs, HMIs and other Modbus TCP enabled devices.

Flexible Communication

MULTIPLE SUPPORTED PROTOCOLS® Smart.Hubs™ support multiple protocols for IIoT applications including Modbus TCP, Ignition|SparkPlugB, and MQTT. All sensor data is mapped to holding registers and accessible through Modbus TCP, allowing the data to be used by PLCs, HMIs and any other devices that support ModbusTCP. MQTT communications are used to forward sensors data to cloud IoT servers including our own™ solution. Ignition, a popular IIoT solution, is also supported via the SparkPlugB protocol.

Easy Configuration

WhiskerConfigurator Windows App

The WhiskerConfigurator app is used to configure® IoT devices. For Smart.Hubs™, the app is used to configure the ethernet port, protocols, and device mapping. For Whisker.Blocks™, the app is used to configure power mode, sample rate, channel, digital input mode, and Modbus RTU slots.


Comprehensive Easy-to-Use Powerful IoT Cloud Portal.

The™ IoT portal provides configuration, visualization, alerting, and analytic tools for any IIoT application!
Works on any computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone with a modern web browser.

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Mobile First
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Powerful Analytics & Reporting
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Simple Configuration



You Customize Order

Select and purchase the devices you need from our On-line store. We offer a variety of application specific starter kits so you can get started quickly. If you need any help to determine which products you need, give us a call at 1-844-365-8647 or send an email to


Create Your Account and First Location*

Visit and create a new account. Once your account is created, login and create a new location. The process is very intuitive, but if you need help you can find guidance in our self-learning portal, or you can give us a call.

* - A™ portal subscription is required to have mobile access to sensor data and alerts. You are not required to purchase a subscription just to purchase our hardware; many customers use our products with ModbusTCP or Ignition and do not require the™ portal.


Your Order is Shipped within 48 hours*

Generally, your order will be assembled and shipped within 48 hours. To make things convenient, we package your order in a self-install kit that simplifies installation.

*-It may take longer than 48 hours to ship your order depending on available stock and shipping availability.


Configure Sensors and Gateway

For most applications, no configuration is required. However, if you want to use Modbus or Ignition or if you need to setup a unique network on a specific channel, you can use the WhiskerConfigurator app to configure the devices. The process is easy to learn, but if you need help, you can visit our self-learning portal or give us a call.


Install and Provision Sensors and Gateway

The sensors require no pairing and generally require no configuration, so installation is as simple as mounting the sensor and attaching any external sensor cables. The Smart.Hub™ gateway is just as easy to install. If you plan to use these devices with our™ portal, you will need to provision your new devices in the portal.

Self-Install Kit