™ Direct2Cloud IoT Gateway

Modbus RS-485


Your Cost Today:

$ 430.00

(incl. 1st year monitoring)

Monitoring Cost: $ 180.00 / year

Billing starts after 1st year - averages to $0.49 / Day


This™ is configured with a Modbus RTU (RS-485) interface. It will work with any 3rd part automation technology that supports the Modbus RTU protocol, allowing you to bring your PLC and HMI data into the® cloud platform as part of our LivePLC™ solution. The device can be configured from the cloud to read up to thirty-two 32-bit words (tags) and supports all the data types including bitfields, 16-bit word, 32-bit word, and 32-bit floats. When a tag is configured as writeable, any widget attached to that tag can be used to remotely change the value for that tag on the target device in the field, allowing users to remotely manage automation solutions. Examples are pump auto/hand/off, tank alarm setpoints, alarm reset, lead/lag pump settings, etc.

If you have ever wished you could remotely manage a PLC or VFD, then you want to give this device a try. When paired with our® cloud NexusHMI custom user interfaces, you get LicePLC™, the easiest way to bring your PLC to a mobile phone.

Samples are taken from both inputs every 5 minutes and reported to the cloud every 8 hours or when user defined alert thresholds are met.

Easy to install - just peel the adhesive backing and press onto a flat, horizontal surface. Once installed, wake it up with a magnet and verify the 3 LEDs are on.

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Specification Minimum Typical Maximum Units
Baud Rate 9600 9600 115200 bits/sec
DC Power Supply 8 -- 32 VDC
Sample Rate -- 5 -- Minutes
Connectivity -- 4G CatM1 -- --
Modbus 32-bit Word Read Capacity 0 -- 32 --
Operating Temperature Range -40 -- +80 Degrees C
Enclosure Rating -- IP67 -- --
  • Building Automation
  • Oil & Gas
  • Factory Automation