™ Direct2Cloud IoT Gateway

2Smart™ Sensor


Your Cost Today:

$ 380.00

(incl. 1st year monitoring)

Monitoring Cost: $ 180.00 / year

Billing starts after 1st year - averages to $0.49 / Day


Our 2Smart™ sensors are designed specifically for battery powered IoT applications and provide a plug and play experience for many applications. Pair this™ with our 2Smart™ Digital Temperature Sensor to monitor temperatures of food, vaccines, hot water heaters, ice packs, blanket warmers, etc. Or pair it with our 2Smart™ 3M Tank Level Sensor to remotely monitor the level of chemical tanks, shallow ponds, sewage/septic tanks, or any other liquid storage vessel.

The® cloud automatically configures the device and alerts - all you have to do is tell it which 2Smart™ probe you are using.

Samples are taken from both inputs every 5 minutes and reported to the cloud every 8 hours or when user defined alert thresholds are met.

Easy to install - just peel the adhesive backing and press onto a flat, horizontal surface. Once installed, wake it up with a magnet and verify the 3 LEDs are on.

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Specification Minimum Typical Maximum Units
Battery Life 2 8 10 Years
Sample Rate -- 5 -- Minutes
Connectivity -- 4G CatM1 -- --
Modbus 32-bit Word Read Capacity 0 -- 32 --
Operating Temperature Range -40 -- +80 Degrees C
Enclosure Rating -- IP67 -- --
  • Tank Levels
  • Hospitals
  • Food Service
  • Building Managment